About us “Artisan”

Tsubame city, Niigata prefecture, is widely known as the prominent metal manufacturing base in Japan. Everyone adores the value that never changes over the time, while at the same time searching for something new. We at “Artisan” endeavor to develop new products, merging traditional craftsmanship and new technique.

Ever since 17th century, Tsubame city, Niigata prefecture, has been the prominent base of metal processing, and continues manufacturing various metal products with high skills cultivated over the years.

Mr. Orii, a leading expert on metal coloring methods applied to TAKAOKA bronze ware since 1950, keeps trying to develop new coloring techniques.

Every single piece is manually and carefully processed in Tsubame city, Niigata prefecture, and then oxidation coloring is applied to metal surface, making the most of metal characteristics.

Japanese Tea Utensils

Artisan Unique Tea Utensils – Owing to characteristics of oxidation coloring, each piece is unique and shows a bit different look.


Artisan Unique Cutlery – Designed and processed in jewel tone, perfectly matches white ceramic cups & saucers.


Artisan Unique Tumblers – Enjoy the highest ever quality products created by skilled artisans.